Spiritual Knowledge


Since my childhood I had special love and devotion [shraddha] for saints and Gurus. I always respected and helped my parents and elders. They (parents and elders) also had special affection for me and their blessings have always been there for me.

My philosophy has always been that the man should first build a noble character. After building a good character, the man should fulfil his responsibilities with utmost commitment. Neither try to cheat nor mislead any one by giving false hope. Conduct yourself with honesty, openheartedness and truthfulness with everyone; then look for the divine truth within you. The path of love and honesty towards everyone is the easiest way to spirituality. I have always believed in building a noble character and hated bad habits. Who ever came to me with love and faith, I have guided him on this path and gave him affection. Mostly educated youth have come in my contact.

This spiritual knowledge will remain beneficial for everyone. After reading it, don’t throw it in the dustbin; adopt it in your life. It will especially inspire and guide the spiritual knowledge seekers. There is nothing mine or ours in this, whatever is there, it is because of the blessings of Shri Gurudev.

Shri Shraddhanathji Maharaj
Om! Peace (shānti)! Love (prem)! Bliss (ānānd)!

Spiritual Knowledge

Sacchi shikshā jankar, kahate sant vichār;
Addhyātm vidyā sār hai, jivan kā adhār.
After acquiring true knowledge, the saints teach that; The spiritual knowledge is the essence of life.
Honesty, non-violence, celibacy, contemplation on God and having firm faith in the teachings of Sat Guru; the essence of these five is that a man should conduct himself with high morals considering the entire mankind as God. Among all the living beings, human being is the highest evolved specie; therefore a man must conduct himself with wisdom and good deeds. If by carelessness or due to certain circumstances a wrong deed is done, then it is not a sin but it is a mistake. However, if one goes on repeating wrong deeds and does not realise the mistakes, then it is a sin. By realising and accepting the mistakes, one brightens his future. One, who accepts his mistakes, should be forgiven. A man who follows a moral character, he only succeeds in the spiritual path. Speaking ill of somebody in his absence, is a sign of weak character. Whatever one has to say he should say it upfront and honestly. Nothing ill can happen to the one who is honest. It is always best to stay away from drugs, alcohol and bad company. Drugs or alcohol make your mind unstable and weak. Why does one need intoxicants when one is intelligent enough to know their ill effects?

By taking pure satvik food (i.e., vegetarian with minimal spices and oil) one is also able to control his senses and develop his intelligence. Always avoid bad company and bad karmas. A man should strive for celibacy as a celibate man has higher strength than a man who is just physically strong.

Celibacy develops intelligence, body becomes strong and one gets the inner strength. Practicing lifelong celibacy is superior, however, if this is not possible then while leading life of a householder and practicing controlled celibacy is also good. There is nothing impossible for a man who has control over his senses. Look at all women as you look at your mother. Do not read any pornographic literature and always avoid bad company. A person should first build a good character since in a man’s life a good character is his ever shining jewel. By adopting faith, devotion [shraddha] and love in your life, you should always remain steadfast on the path of truth.

Earn your living by working honestly and truthfully; spend your hard earned money correctly. Never waste even one penny of your hard earned money and always treat the money you haven’t earned as dirt. Spend a proportion of your hard earned money on charity and well being of others. Fill your stomach not your cupboards (paet bharo, peti nahi bharo). Be a man, don’t be an ant. You live and let others live. By living in hope, live like a strong man, don’t be a coward. You should walk on the path of truth and lead others also on the same path. Take what is due to you; don’t take what is due to others’. As you have the rights, others also have the same. You want to remain happy, others also want the same. If everyone is like us, then why do we want to hurt others? God has created everyone, then why do we differentiate between one another and why do we hate others? If we see goodness in everyone, then why would we be bad for others? If we are living on our hard earned honest income, then why should we behave like slave to others?

By rejecting what is not true, we should always take sides with the truth. Those who love us we should love them twice as much. Those who do not love us, we should not hate them. By having utmost faith in our deity, protecting the self [atman-raksha] is our first duty. Time is priceless. A man should always make good use of his time. Time which is gone will never return. Similarly human body is also priceless; it [human birth] is difficult to obtain it again. To ensure it [human body] doesn’t go wasted; enjoy the benefits of praying to your God while continuing to do good karmas. Never leave truth and love. He only can become great who remains unaffected under praise and criticism; loss and gain; suffering and happiness. Having sympathy and pity for poor and needy is a great religion. Perfect harmony between mind, voice and act is true austerity [tap]. Rather than aspiring to earn more money, earn friendship of your fellow beings by following the path of love.

Containment is the mine of all treasures, Renunciation is the crown of spiritualism, Without love the humanity is meaningless.

Having good conduct and pure satvik food is very essential for spiritual practices. Stealing starts with telling lies. One should give up stealing, telling lies, cheating, violence and lust in mind, speech and action. God has given this human body to help others. What good are those who do not help their nation and society? The one who works for the good of his nation and society is great. Great people do not live for themselves, but for others. After giving up the low thoughts of status and inequality, one should spread the message of love and service to others with a firm conviction of brotherhood. Treat your poor brothers, not as beggars, but as your brothers. Time changes everything. With time a poor can become rich and a rich can become poor. Everyone is helpless against time. This is God’s play.

A man should reduce his own personal needs and help others. Treat everyone equally with love. Be content in what you get. To remain content is a great asset. Greed is poverty. Hope is life. Despair is death. Peace is heaven. Hue and cry is hell. Ignorance is the cause of suffering. Attachment bounds a man. Freedom (from desires) is liberation. This world is a dream – dreams vanish when one opens his eyes, similarly what one sees with open eyes vanishes with the moment eyes are closed. Both these are dreams. Think why are you born? What is your duty? What are you doing? Is what you are doing correct? What would you be leaving behind when you leave this world?

That which perishes after being created is untrue. What is untrue has no significance of existence. Truth does not lose its significance of existence over time. Lying diminishes the power of speech and as a result one loses his power of self. That which is everlasting is truth. A truthless man lacks wisdom and discrimination (‘aviveki’). Knowing the truth is called wisdom and discrimination (‘vivek’; ‘vivek’ can also be defined as clarity and awareness). Such persons with wisdom and discrimination are called ‘Satpurushas’ or Men of truth. One with self-confidence (‘atmavishwas’) is a theist. Of all the powers, strength of unshakable will power (‘atmashakti’) is the greatest power. One, who attains the strength of unshakable will power, always succeeds in every task. Mostly the grace is of three types:
  • God’s grace
  • Guru’s grace
  • Own grace

Life is short and hence treat it as invaluable and spend some time in contemplation of God. Believing deity as omnipresent, one should always feel his presence everywhere. Always have full trust in your Guru’s teachings and always follow his instructions. Liberation can only be attained by the grace of Guru. This spiritual knowledge is valuable and needed for everyone, but it is specially needed for the younger generation as these are the pillars of the society.

Society follows them and hence they have to take the lead on the spiritual path. Those youngsters, who do not perform selfless service, have no love and lack spiritual knowledge, are worse than the hopeless & lazy old people. Look! – one is a fool and the other works and behaves like a fool; is there any difference between the two? Both of them are fools. Greatest foolishness is that a man forgets righteous actions and turns towards his downfall. A clever man is the one who keeps his character clean. Knowledge is that which is full of humanity and without ignorance. Until the man follows spiritual knowledge, the society and the country will not make any progress. Every man should consider his duty to follow spiritual knowledge – he should adopt the teachings in his heart (soul), should wake up without any fear and become brave. By realizing God as omnipresent, the man should have firm faith in God. Through spiritual discipline he should enjoy the bliss (atmananda). If you have truth, devotion [shraddha; shraddha also means wholesome inner disposition of the mind], faith, selfless service attitude and love, then you have greatest of the great strengths with you.

Today’s youngsters should take interest in spiritual knowledge as spiritual knowledge, in combination with physical science, will be more interesting and relevant – similar to the way a full moon night is decorated by the shining moon. You should take a firm pledge from today itself in the core of your heart to follow these spiritual rules and instructions strictly.

Desh, kal aru patrata, soach samaj man mahin, Atman se dradh pran karo, digo kadapi nahin

(After giving a due thought, take strongest pledge within you that you will never waiver from this path irrespective of the circumstances encountered on account of place, time and type of people around you).

Om! Peace (shānti)! Love (prem)! Bliss (ānānd)!

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