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Jai Shri Nathji Maharaj Ashram

Main Ashram:
Shri Shraddhanathji Ka Ashram
Ashram Road,
Distt: Sikar, Rajasthan

Other Ashram:
Shri Sarvanathji Maharaj,
Shri Nathji Ka Ashram,
P.O.: Kolira,
Distt: Sikar, Rajasthan

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Shri Shraddhanathji Ashram

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Leave (the ashram) in peace, don’t shout Love others and not hate
Contemplate and don’t worry Discuss God, don’t indulge in arguments
Pray, don’t differentiate between Ishts (deities) Know the Self within Soul
Obey Sat Guru’s instructions Advance towards truth (from untruth)
Talk slowly and concisely All don’t speak at once
Speak one after another
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