Disciples' Experiences

There have been numerous experiences encountered by disciples of Shri Shraddhanathji Maharaj. Please click on the link to read experiences of seven such disciples.


Few Memories of Shri Guru’s Grace

The happiness which I got in the company of Shri Babaji Maharaj and the joy of listening to his words was such that it can not be expressed in words. I used to keep dreaming of seeing and listening to Shri Babaji Maharaj and enjoying the bliss of his company. Every time there was a gathering of 10-20 people around Shri Babaji Maharaj. He used to solve their problems without their speaking about it. One used to be almost in the state of Samadhi in the company of Shri Babaji Maharaj and every moment was full of bliss.

Once two men with a woman came to visit Shri Babaji Maharaj. The woman had a 4 month old daughter in her lap. The men told Shri Babaji Maharaj that the woman is not able to produce milk for the baby and that the baby will die of hunger. That time there were a number of people sitting around Shri Babaji Maharaj. Shri Babaji Maharaj asked everyone “if you beat a buffalo, will the buffalo give milk”. Everyone replied ‘no’. Shri Babaji Maharaj said “these men are treating this woman like that buffalo”. He scolded both men and said “you keep telling the woman that she should have given birth to a boy. Why did you give birth to a girl? If you are destined for a girl then how can she give birth to a boy? Don’t beat this woman. You should serve this woman, feed her well and love her”. He addressed the woman as bai (sister). That woman became very emotional, and all of a sudden her daughter started drinking milk and woman’s breasts were filled with milk. Shri Babaji Maharaj showed the strength of sweet words and love. The two men and the woman bowed to Shri Babaji Maharaj and left the ashram very happy.

Similarly one day Shri Babaji Maharaj was sitting with disciples at 2pm in the afternoon. That time Shri Salasar Dham’s pujari (priest) came and said “I have got prasad (offering of sweets) from Shri Salasar Balaji. Shri Babaji Maharaj felt very happy and said “we should give Balaji’s offering to everyone. Salasar baba is also sitting in our Hanumanji’s temple. Go and pay a visit to the Hanumanji’s temple and there after we will distribute the offering to everyone”. The priest went to the Hanumanji’s temple (this temple is in the rear side of the ashram) and there he was blessed with the vision of Shri Salasar Balaji in the idol of Shri Hanumanji. The priest was surprised and came back to the sitting room and fell on Shri Babaji Maharaj’s feet.

Once a sage, calling himself brahmasmi (I am brahm) came to the ashram and during conversation told Shri Babaji Maharaj “I have eaten ground glass and have performed intense yoga practices”. Shri Babaji Maharaj kept smiling during this time. After staying in the ashram for 5-6 days, when this sage was leaving, then Shri Babaji Maharaj told him “you have not yet attained brahm; you are speaking and having the body. Brahm does not speak; there is no light either, being in brahm means becoming one with the infinity like a lump of clay when put in the water becomes one with the water. His individuality does not remain. That time he begets the brahm. At this stage you are under the illusion of being brahm, you are not brahm. You need to practice intense austerities and yoga. Don’t live in the illusion of being brahm”. The sage understood Shri Babaji Maharaj’s message and said “Maharaj I have roamed everywhere, but now I had the chance to see you. You have opened my eyes. I would like to stay with you. Please accept me as your disciple”. Shri Babaji Maharaj asked him to leave the ashram and practice yoga and spiritual disciplines in somewhere secluded place saying that the ashram is frequented by visitors.

Similarly once another sage came to the ashram. He was retired ex-vice chancellor of Delhi University. He took the monastic life after retirement and was also acting as the secretary to the one of the monks’ organisation. He was around 80 years old. He stayed in the ashram for about a week. He was having the vows of not speaking and used to communicate through signs. He used to eat only in the evening, just one meal in a day. Daytime he used to request for various newspapers from Sikar and spend his time reading newspapers. After a week when he was leaving, Subashji went to Shri Babaji Maharaj and told him “Maharaj this sage has a big ego, please remove his pride”. Shri Babaji Maharaj called the sage in and explained him “why do you torture your mind like this? You feel like talking to people but you are afraid that your vows will be broken – why have you taken such a vow? You feel like eating and you feel hungry but you think that you will eat only in the evening. Whole day you sit here and read newspaper, when do you practice spirituality? Why are you faking such a monkhood? Now you have reached final stage in your life”. The sage felt very guilty and fell in the feet of Shri Babaji Maharaj and said “you are my guru. Please take me in your refuge; I want to spend my last few years in your feet”. To which Shri Babaji Maharaj replied “drop all outer shows such as being the secretary and go to Haridwar. Take a small cottage there and spend time in spiritual practices, your end is nearing”. The sage bowed again and again in Babaji Maharaj’s feet and took the evening train back to Delhi. On the way he spoke to me only about Shri Babaji Maharaj. He said “now we are brother disciples, Shri Nathji Maharaj is my guru also”. Following Shri Babaji Maharaj’s instructions, he went to Haridwar and spent rest of life there. This way Shri Nathji Maharaj helps all the disciples’, their desires get fulfilled without even asking.

Once an old panditji came to Shri Babaji Maharaj and said “Maharaj I am very sad, I can’t sleep properly”. Shri Babaji Maharaj called for a chain (of beads) and gave it to the priest and said “panditji (priest), please indulge in repetition of God’s name with this chain”. Just after two minutes of working through the chain, the priest fell asleep and the chain fell down. Shri Babaji Maharaj asked someone to pick-up the chain and started smiling. We all started laughing and woke up the priest. Shri Babaji Maharaj asked the priest “where is the chain?” The priest was amazed that he fell asleep. Then Shri Babaji Maharaj explained to the priest “you should repeat God’s name. Don’t waste your time in unnecessary talks and worries. If you repeat God’s name in your mind, you will fall asleep”. The priest bowed again and again and left.

Shri Babaji Maharaj used to amuse everyone with such miracles. His every word was unique and blissful. He could instantly turn possible to impossible and impossible to possible and people wouldn’t even know about it. He never used to take the credit for all the miracles. He always used to say all this is due to grace of Shri Nathji Maharaj. The literates used to come with their questions, and Shri Babaji Maharaj could answer their questions without even speaking. Visitors used to feel immense happiness in his company and felt that Shri Babaji Maharaj should continue talking. If someone came to see one of the visitors and the visitor had not known about it, Shri Babaji Maharaj used to say “go, someone has come to see you”. The two will meet and will be surprised how Shri Babaji Maharaj knew about it. Often older people from far used to come and visit Shri Babaji Maharaj, at times when one wouldn’t be able to find rickshaw or horse carriage to go back to the station. Instantly Shri Babaji Maharaj used to tell us “got and get one rickshaw”. We would wonder where will we find a rickshaw at this night time and soon outside the ashram gate we will find the rickshaw. Such were his miracles. I bow to him again and again.

Few days before Shri Babaji Maharaj took Samadhi, I had to go to Mumbai on office work. I had not even spent a week in Mumbai and had not even started my work in Mumbai when I got a call from Delhi that I must return to Delhi for some urgent work. Although the head accountant in Mumbai was reluctant for me to go, still he agreed to send me back to Delhi for a week. I took the train from Mumbai to Delhi. In the morning, when train reached Swaimadhopur, I cancelled my plans for Delhi and got down at Swaimadhopur. I took the train to Jaipur and reached Jaipur in the night and then took the night bus to Laxmangarh and reached Laxmangarh at 3am. I went to my home in Laxmangarh, but felt restless and after taking bath went straight to ashram and reached there at 4am. Morning aarti had started in the ashram. Prior to this, I always went to ashram at 8am but that day I was there at 4am. I met brother Lala who told me that Shri Babaji Maharaj has been remembering me for last 2 days. He said “Shri Babaji Maharaj had even asked us to telephone you in Delhi but we couldn’t find you there. Please go and see Shri Babaji Maharaj”. I went to see Shri Babaji Maharaj; he said “you have come; come sit down. I can not describe the feeling of love which I had at that time. After staying in the ashram for 10 days I went to Delhi and from Delhi reached back to Mumbai via Laxmangarh after 20-25 days. However, no one asked me where I was during those days – people in Delhi thought that I was in Mumbai and people in Mumbai thought that I was in Delhi. With grace of Shri Nathji Maharaj I could spend some days in the ashram in the service of Shri Babaji Maharaj few days before he took Samadhi. Our guruji, although brahm swaroop (brahm with form), behaved like an ordinary man. I surrender myself to his lila (play). I can not forget his love. He is personification of love, bliss and sympathy. Even today he is bestowing his grace on all in the same way as he did before.

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