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For spiritual practice an Âsana (posture) is very essential, because unless you master an Âsana it is impossible to achieve siddhi (mastery) in sadhanâ. Therefore the spiritual practitioner should certainly do âsana-sâdhanâ. There are two types of âsanas: - first types are done for keeping the body healthy and the second types are done for yog-sâdhanâ. The âsanas, which are helpful to the spiritual practitioner in achieving siddhi in his sâdhanâ and enable him to sit in one posture for a long time without any discomfort, are known by the names siddhâsan, padmâsan and sukhâsan

The Method of Siddhâsan

The practitioner should do sidhâsan at a clean and serene place. The place of âsan should not be flexible, springy and uneven. The neck, waist and spine should remain erect. The correct posture of siddhâsan is given below: -Place the heel of left foot in between the anus and penice, and right heel on the penice. Place right palm over left palm in the lap just below the navel region or place both the palms on the respective knees or keep both hands folded in the lap. If you keep your eyes open, then look at tip of the nose. Do not look at elsewhere If eyes are kept closed, then look at the pure light up above the mid of the eyebrows. Remember the word given by the guru and contemplate on the Ishtdeo. Always breathe through the nostrils and never be unaware of the breath going in and out at the nostrils.

Siddhâsan is the best of all âsanâs.It keeps sexual passion under your control, reduces flickering of mind resulting into mental peace, makes your heart and lungs strong and cures ailments like Asthma, cough, internal diseases, dyspepsia, diabetes, seminal disorders, bed wetting etc. A householder desirous of controlling his sexual passion and keen to progress in spiritual sâdhanâ can practice siddhâsan without any inhibition or fear of loosing sexual potency. It helps in pranâyâm, gives you control of your sexual energy without any loss of potency, enables to achieve controlled celibacy and a healthy mind in a healthy body along with spiritual advancement.

While practicing this âsan, the food habits and style of living should be as per laid down yoga rules and discipline. Practitioner should take extra milk and ghee in the diet and observe brahmcharya during sâdhanâ period. Practice of siddhâsan up to 15-20 minutes is very beneficial, however it should not be practiced beyond half an hour at a stretch.

Om! Peace (shānti)! Love (prem)! Bliss (ānānd)!

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