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First of all the aspirant should prostrate and pay reverence to his satgurudev. He should sit in a lonely place in siddhâsan and start meditating after quieting his mind. He should dispel all subjects of senses from the mind. Turn the extrovert tendencies of mind into introvert. Fix the inner sight in between the eyebrows and have darshan (vision) of the pure light like glow there. Repeat the recitation of guru mantra.

Dissolve the self into the ever lasting, ever existing, pure, blissful, infinite, and conscious Godhood. This indefinable state of infinite bliss (Paramananda) only is called meditation. Fearless devotion, firm conviction and faith of being always merged with the infinite divinity and unwavering thoughtless state of meditation are the ultimate highest states of contemplation of Godhood.

Practicing this type of meditation for 15-20 min is very essential but if practiced for one hour daily as a fixed routine, it will take you to the final and perfect state of meditation; rest is dependent on the degree of love, devotion, faith, sincerity and perseverance of the aspirant towards his Isht and Gurudev Shri Nathji Maharaj.

Om! Peace (shānti)! Love (prem)! Bliss (ānānd)!

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