Spiritual Knowledge

Eligibility of Disciple

Seekh usi ko dijeeye, jo jigyasu hoe. Dekar seekh apatra ko mat mahatva khoe.

(Teach him only, who is desirous; don’t loose the importance of teaching by imparting knowledge to an ineligible.)

Satguru Sanmukh dravit hriday, gad gad bhaye sharir. Tan ki sudh budh na rahe, nainan barsat neer

(While sitting in front of the guru the eligible disciple’s heart gets filled with love and body is immersed in joy such that he looses body awareness and blissful tears roll down from his eyes.)

When true disciple sits in front of his Satguru for sadhana (spiritual practice), he forgets himself. The waves of unlimited love start springing out from his lotus-heart. While contemplating when the disciple starts getting engulfed in the love of God, an ocean of love gets overflowed in his heart, which cannot be accommodated inside him. In this state of happiness his throat gets choked, he becomes overjoyed and speechless. His joyous heart starts evaporating and in the end it reaches to Brahmand (sahasrar/crown chakra, a lotus with thousand petals) through the agya chakra (a two petal lotus in between the eye brows) making him unconscious of the body. His state becomes like that of an immovable idol. To attain this state the disciple should have firm faith, determination, will power and heart full of pure love, which will take him to the true everlasting blissful state of Paramananda (unlimited, non-differentiated, peerless joyous state). This state only is called dhyan samadhi.

Om! Peace (shānti)! Love (prem)! Bliss (ānānd)!

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