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Pure Love

Man should have pure love towards each and every human being. Love is the top most attribute of the man. Love is one thing that is dear to one and all. Love affects all human beings. One may have any nature or attribute but love makes its own place in his heart. The level of influence of love depends on the nature and thinking of man, however, I will say that man should have love towards all living beings and one should never think ill of others. Have pure love towards God Almighty and Satguru. Even if one is ignorant of this, one should love all human beings. Some people feel physical love is the true love but that is not true. Love is from the soul. Where there is slightest tinge of selfishness in love, then it is not love, it is an attachment (moha).

Love should be selfless and from the core of the heart (soul). There are no ifs and buts in true love. True love, once it is there it never breaks. If it breaks, it is not true love, it is artificial love. Once water is mixed with water, the duality vanishes. Whether water is sweet or saline, once mixed cannot be separated. Love in humans is like fragrance in flowers. A man without love in his heart, is like a flower of Rohit in a forest which has no fragrance but it looks beautiful. Regarding love, Lord Christ said, “In human beings only love is like a divine light in the sentient soul which enlightens all around like the sun”. Many other great souls have also narrated that a person devoid of love cannot succeed in anything.

Only a person with love in his heart can become peaceful devotee and a Yogi. Virtues like perseverance, forgiveness celibacy, service, kindness, benevolence etc can only be acquired by a heart full of love. It is my firm faith that love should never be forgotten. In this path of love, even if we have to face hardships or sorrows and a person develops enmity with us due to his ignorance or misunderstanding, then also we should love him. Our love will transform his enmity feeling into love towards us. Even if he does not part with his enmity in any way, he will not be able to harm a person having a heart full of love, provided the love is true and pure. I have seen many people who seem to be devoid of love but sprouts of love are present in their hearts too.

Soul is always thirsty of love therefore the love should be at the level of soul to soul. It may happen that a person may try to harm another person due to some misunderstanding or ignorance. This is not a subject of argument; it is a matter of realization. It is not a matter of surprise if a person speaks ill of and tries to harm a true lover, even then the heart of a lover will never be empty of love, it will always be full of love.

In every heart the flower of love has a desire to blossom, but every one does not get the opportunity. The man whose petals of lotus viz heart are dried and wilted, the dew like drops of peace and bliss do not drip there. His heart remains void of love. The wind of unhappiness due to scorching heat of negative attributes like lust, anger, ego fear, jealousy, hatred, desire, selfishness, worry etc blows there. The hot blows of above negativities wilt the buds of love and no fragrance develops there. Then there is neither presence of love nor happiness felt around him. But those whose lotus viz heart is blossomed the nectar like drops of love and bliss keep dripping there day and night. By going in the vicinity or company of such a blessed soul, it is experienced as if a draught of cool, slow, sweet and scented air is blowing around there. There only, every soul gets a peace of mind and happiness. There can be another example of love like this , that a seed of a tree is kept for 12 years inside a covered utensil but no tree is seen in that seed. Is it that there can be no development of a tree in this seed? No it is not so, in fact, due to non availability of its diet the seed remained a seed. But, whichever seed gets the required soil, water, air and light, it slowly becomes a lush green tree. Like this every human heart is certainly having the seed of love but who ever does not get the diet of love from the company of Satguru and virtuous people, there is no development of love in his heart whoever gets the company of Satguru , love arises in his heart and he becomes a lover. The great souls have called this type of love as ‘Pure Love’.

Pure love leads to realization of God and liberation of self (soul) from the Bhava Sagar. My philosophy has been that who ever comes in my contact, I love him selflessly, guide him on this divine path and help him to become a true lover. My philosophy also has been that I love more than those who love me but those who do not love me; I am not averse to them also. If you have come to me, first be pure and selfless lover prior to learning my teachings. After becoming a pure lover, start loving all souls.

Om! Peace (shānti)! Love (prem)! Bliss (ānānd)!

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