Spiritual Knowledge

Sadhana (Spiritual Practice)

Jal shuddhi sharir ki, mana shuddhi sat dhyan. Shiv sumare shuddh atma, murkhata shuddhi gyan.
(Body gets cleansed by taking bath with water and mind is purified by contemplating on the Sat (the everlasting truth). The self (atman) is purified by remembering lord Shiva and foolishness is removed by acquiring knowledge. )

In order to do Yog-sadhana (spiritual practice) there should be a lonely place with a pure (clean and serene) surrounding environment. For practicing spirituality make your life pure and pious. Understand how to sit, stand and speak. Speak little but slowly, sweetly in a low tone. Whatever you want to say, say it in fewer words.

Eat less, sleep less and lead a life with tolerance and contentment. Do not trouble others for the sake of your self-interest. Always remain happy within your self. Practice your sadhana regularly at a fixed time. Do not give up your Ishta (personal god) and principles of life. Do asanas, exercises and travels. Take suitable simple pure vegetarian food as per your body requirements. Do not eat dried mango parings, sourly, smarting and pungent stuff. Lead a balanced life with subdued passions and controlled celibacy. Avoid speaking ill of others and envy. Do not hoard more than your requirements. Love all but do not get bond aged in attachment. Have tolerance, forgiveness, kindness and contentment. Do contemplation on pure Conscious Godhood, maintain firm belief and faith on the words of guru and love him.

Sadhan keeje prem se, poorn hoy sab kaam. Isht deo ki kripa se, pavoge nij dhaam.
(Do your spiritual practices with love and enthusiasm, it will fulfil your aim of life. By the kind grace of the deity (isht) you will reach your destination of God-realisation.)

Om! Peace (shānti)! Love (prem)! Bliss (ānānd)!

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