Introduction to Shri Nathji Maharaj’s ashram in Laxmangarh

Following the instructions of His Guru, Shri Babaji Maharaj took the decision to construct an ashram in Laxmangarh. The foundation stone for the ashram was laid on 23rd March 1972. Subsequently, foundation stone for the construction of ashram temple was laid on 28th May 1972.

The foundation stone as well as inauguration for the opening of ashram was conducted by Mahant Shri Hanuman Nathji Maharaj on 17th July 1972. During the ceremony, many thousands of devotees welcomed Mahantji who was also accompanied by many other saints.

Chanting and bajans continued through out the night and in the morning, with the fire ceremony (yagya), laying of foundation stone started. From that day onwards Shri Babaji Maharaj started living within the ashram although from time to time He continued to visit his devotees or places of pilgrimage. There was prasad (offering to the God) in the morning in which everyone took part. Mahantji stayed through the day and he was bid farewell in the evening with all the respect and honour.

The sequence for construction of ashram was as follows:

First Shri Nathji Maharaj’s temple was constructed.  This was followed by the cave and then towards south-west devotees 5 rooms were constructed
2 In the west prayer hall was constructed.  Kitchen is towards north-west and there are corridors all around it.
3 Towards north-east are 6 rooms for saints and there is verandah all around it.
4 In the centre of ashram is a square prayer-platform where often chanting or bhajans (psalms) are sung

Every day thousands of devotees came to ashram. They would typically first go to Shri Nathji’s temple, then visit the cave to see Guru Gorakh Nathji’s painting. At the back, they would visit Shri Hanumanji, Shri Ramdevraji and Shri Gogaji. The atmosphere in the ashram was very serene and peaceful. They would enjoy the company of Shri Babaji Maharaj and get his blessing to lead a pious and happy life.

Before taking Maha Samadhi, Shri Babaji Maharaj declared Shri Baij Nathji as head of Laxmangarh ashram. Subsequently, three other disciple monks have established new ashrams at different locations within Shekhavati region.

Details of different ashrams run by followers of Shri Babaji Maharaj are as follows:

1 Shri Baij Nathji Maharaj:  Laxmangarh ashram
2 Shri Shrvan Nathji Maharaj:  Kolira ashram (near Sikar)
3 Shri Chetan Nathji Maharaj:  Mukandgarh ashram
4 Shri Ram Nathji Maharaj:  Gothada ashram (near Sikar)

Each of these ashrams is situated in Shekhavati region. Laxmangarh ashram can be reached by either road or by train from Sikar.

Rules of ashram

1 Prayers and adoration of Shri Nathji Maharaj are conducted daily in the morning and in the evening
2 Everyone has equal rights to share ashram food
3 Smoking, consumption of alcoholic drinks or drugs is strictly prohibited
4 Only have spiritual thoughts or contemplation on God inside the ashram.  Any unwanted arguments or discussion or criticism of others which may lead to unnecessary disputes is strictly prohibited inside the ashram
5 Come to ashram with love and depart from the ashram with love only.  Always spread the message of love inside and outside the ashram
6 It is the duty of every visitor to maintain ashram’s peacefulness, cleanness, purity and tidiness

Following principles were laid down by Babaji Maharaj for ashram visitors:

Leave (the ashram) in peace, don’t shout Love others and not hate
Contemplate and don’t worry Discuss God, don’t indulge in arguments
Pray, don’t differentiate between Ishts (deities) Know the Self within Soul
Obey Sat Guru’s instructions Advance towards truth (from untruth)
Talk slowly and concisely All don’t speak at once
Speak one after another

Om Shanti (peace)! Prem (love)!! Anand (bliss)!!! Om Shanti (peace)! Prem (love)!! Anand (bliss)!!!